Spring Quarter 2018

Course descriptions can be found in the general catalog, topical course descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page, and syllabi may be found at courses.ucsd.eduAll courses listed on this page are subject to change.

Colloquia - H*** 160-190 
Graduate Courses - H*** 200+
"+" indicates courses that focus on the period before 1800

Lower Division Courses

Course Title Instructor
HILD 2C United States History M. Hendrickson
HILD 7C Race & Ethnicity in the United States D. Gutierrez
HILD 12 Twentieth Century East Asia W. Matsumura
HILD 14 Film and History in Latin America B. Cowan
HITO 87 Global History of Drugs (Freshman Seminar) C. Edington

Upper Division Courses

Course Title Instructor
HIAF 113 Small Wars and the Global Order J. Prestholdt
HIEA 144 Topics in East Asian History: Taiping-Christianity in China Staff
HIEU 123 Ancient Greece from Classical Athens to Cleopatra (+) D. Demetriou
HIEU 144 Topics in European History: TBA U. Strasser
HIEU 156 History of the Soviet Union, 1905–1991 R. Edelman
CANCELED HILA 121B History of Brazil, 1889 to Present J. Graham
HILA 122 Cuba: From Colony to Socialist Republic Staff
HILA 144 Topics in Latin American History: Economic History II-From Silver to Cocaine C. Hunefeldt
HINE 116 The Middle East in the Age of European Empires (1798–1914) B. Tasyakan
HINE 119 US Mid-East Policy Post-WWII J. Peterson
HINE 126 Iranian Revolution in Historical Perspective A. Gheissari
HISC 110 Historical Encounters of Science and Religion (+) R. Westman
HISC 131 Science, Technology, and Law T. Golan
HITO 114 History of Modern Vietnam C. Edington
HITO 155 Race, Sport, and Inequality in the Twentieth Century (DEI) Staff
CANCELED HIUS 113 History of Mexican America D. Gutierrez
CANCELED HIUS 123 History of New York City N. Kwak
HIUS 131 Cultural History from 1865 to 1917 R. Klein
HIUS 133 The Golden Age of Piracy M. Hanna
HIUS 144 Topics in US History: Race and Oral History in San Diego L. Alvarez
HIUS 151 American Legal History since 1865 M. Parrish


Course Title Instructor
HIEU 171 Special Topics in Twentieth-Century Europe: TBA U. Strasser
HILA 162 Special Topics in Latin American History: Amazonia-A History of Rubber C. Hunefeldt
HILA 167 Scholarship on Latin American History in the Colonial Period D. Murillo
HISC 180 Science and Public Policy T. Golan
HIUS 178 A History of Seafaring M. Hanna
HIUS 180 Housing in the Developing World N. Kwak
HIUS 186 Topics in US Economic History:  M. Henrickson

Departmental Approval

To enroll in a colloquium you will need to request Department Approval by using the Course Pre-Authorization Request tool. In the justification field please answer the following questions:
  • Why are you interested in taking the class?
  • Have you taken any history classes before?
  • Have you taken any other course on this period?
  • How heavy is your schedule? -- we will have a lot of reading and writing.
  • What kinds of papers have you written before? 

Graduate Courses

Course Title Instructor
HIGR 206 History of the Body C. Edington
HIGR 281 Global History Approaches to the Modern Era J. Prestholdt
HIGR 215B Research Seminar in Modern Chinese History K.Gerth
HIGR 217C Historical Scholarship on Pre-Modern Chinese History: Late Imperial Chinese History, 1200-1800 S. Schneewind
HIGR 219A Research Seminar in Modern Korean History T. Henry
HIGR 222 Historical Scholarship on European History, since 1850 R. Edelman
HIGR 223B Research Seminar in Medieval History Staff
HIGR 230B Research Seminar in Modern European History Staff
HIGR 256 Readings in Ancient Roman History Watts
HIEU 271 Special Topics in Twentieth-Century Europe: U. Strasser
HILA 162 Special Topics in Latin American History: Amazonia-A History of Rubber C. Hunefeldt
HILA 267 Scholarship on Latin American History in the Colonial Period D. Murillo
HIGR 239 Seminar in Science Studies R. Westman
HIGR 240 Colloquium in Science Studies C. Gere
HISC 280 Science and Public Policy T. Golan
HITO 278 A History of Seafaring in the Age of Sail M. Hanna
HIGR 265C Historical Scholarship on American History D. Widener
HIGR 267B Research Seminar in United States History R. Plant
HIUS 280 Housing in the Developing World N. Kwak
HIUS 286 Tobics in US Economic History M. Henrickson

New and Topical Course Descriptions

HIEA 144. Topics in East Asian History: Pre-Modern Korean History
This course will examine the evolution of Korean culture and society within the context of political, cultural, and institutional history, from the late thirteenth century through late nineteenth century when Chosǒn opened its ports after signing a treaty with Japan and launched a series of reforms as facing pressure from foreign countries. Major themes of the course will be how the dynastic transition between Koryŏ and Chosŏn is to be understood; how Chosŏn managed to maintain its sovereignty while experiencing a series of foreign invasions, and how certain social circumstances such as introduction of new thoughts through Qing China had influence on the development of Chosŏn dynasty until late nineteenth century.

HILA 162. Topics in Latin American History: Aztecs and Mayas After the Conquest
This class considers the histories of native peoples (commonly known as "Aztecs" and "Mayas") of Mexico and Guatemala from the Spanish invasion to the present (c. 1492 - 2017). The course will examine how indigenous peoples and practices persisted during the Spanish American colonial period and the challenges native peoples have had since Independence to secure their lands and rights.

HIUS 125. Asian American Social Movements
This course introduces students to the history of Asian American social movements from the late-19th century to the present, with an emphasis on inter-ethnic, cross-racial, and transnational practices. Topics include immigration reform, antiwar and anti-colonial movements, redress, hate crimes, and police brutality.


Freshman Seminars Course Descriptions

HITO 87. Global History of Drugs
This seminar introduces students to the history of drugs from a global perspective. Topics include the opium trade in Asia, the origins of international drug control, the war on drugs in the United States and Latin America and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the recent opioid epidemic.

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