Minor Requirements

The minor requires, at least, seven courses--maximum of two lower-division (LD) courses (any HILD sequence, Making of the Modern World sequence {Roosevelt College}, or Humanities {Revelle College} sequence are acceptable here), and a minimum of five upper-division (UD) History courses.

  1. LD (HILD, MMW, HUM) or UD History Course
  2. LD (HILD, MMW, HUM) or UD History Course
  3. UD History Course
  4. UD History Course
  5. UD History Course
  6. UD History Course
  7. UD History Course

History Minor Code: HI25

Grading Options

Two courses may be taken P/NP (see AP credit below), all other courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

AP students entering with advanced placement (3 or better) credit in History may fulfill all or some of the lower-division requirement with AP credit. AP credit articulates as P/NP grading option so all other coursework for the minor must be taken for a letter grade.

Transfer Credit

Transfer students may petition to substitute a two-semester or three-quarter survey from another school to fulfill the department's lower-division requirement. To start this process:

  • Check ASSIST (the official source for California college/university articulation and student transfer information) to find out if UC San Diego as an articulation agreement with your college.
  • If there is no articulation agreement, you took a course that does not appear on assist.org, or you are transferring from out-of-state, and you think your transfer course(s) is(are) equivalent, you must file an Undergraduate Student Petition with History Student Affairs.

IMPORTANT: Please check your transfer record on Tritonlink. If you took a course and it does not appear on your record, please contact the Registrar's Office

Course Overlaps

Per Senate Regulation 600[E] (approved April 12, 2016) a student may apply the equivalent of two upper-division courses (a maximum of eight units) to fulfill the requirements for a minor that have also been used to satisfy the requirements of a major.

Minor Declaration

Use the minor declaration tool to declare your minor. To ensure your declaration is approved follow these steps:

  1. List only seven courses. It's okay if you haven't taken all the courses or if you end up taking different courses.
  2. List only two courses with the P/NP grading option.
  3. List only two lower division courses.

Example Minor Declaration

Example Minor Declaration

Example Minor Declaration with AP Courses

Example Minor Declaration AP

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