Summer Session 2017

Course descriptions can be found in the general catalog, topical course descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page, and syllabi may be found at courses.ucsd.eduAll courses listed on this page are subject to change.

Colloquia - H*** 160-190 (not offered in summer)
Graduate Courses - H*** 200+ (not offered in summer)
"+" indicates courses that focus on the period before 1800

Enrollment and Registration Calendar

Summer Session 1

Course Title Instructor
HILD 7C Race & Ethnicity in the United States L. Alvarez
HIEA 126 The Silk Road (+) A. O'Keefe
HIEA 131 China in War and Revolution, 1911–1949 A. O'Keefe
HIEU 109 Nationalism in Europe J. Stout
HIEU 120 The Renaissance in Italy (+) A. Brivio
HILA 103 Revolution in Modern Latin America K. Aguilar
HILA 126 From Columbus to Castro: Caribbean Culture and Society J. Deavenport
HITO 156 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the United States and Europe: Multiple Multiculturalisms (DEI) J. Palhegyi
HIUS 123 History of New York City N. Kwak
HIUS 148 The American City in the Twentieth Century N. Kwak

Summer Session 2

Course Title Instructor
HIEU 152 The Worst of Times: Everyday Life in Authoritarian and Dictatorial Societies S. Dunai
HILA 114 Dictatorships in Latin America M. Morales Fontanilla
HILA 124 The History of Chile 1880–Present A. Campos
HIUS 113 History of Mexican America (DEI) A. Mendez

New and Topical Course Descriptions

There are none this summer. :)

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