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Race, Ethnicity, and Migration

Race, Ethnicity, and Migration is one of the thematic Fields of Emphasis for the History major. The major requirement in the thematic fields of emphasis is the same as in the “geographical” fields. For example, the field of emphasis requirement in Race, Ethnicity, and Migration can be satisfied by taking three of the courses listed below (or equivalent courses, such as EAP and transfer courses to be petitioned). 

Course List

Please refer to Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Courses for course offerings.

HIAF 120: History of South Africa

HIAF 123: West Africa from Earliest Times to 1800 +

HINE 102: The Jews in Their Homeland in Antiquity +

HINE 103: The Jewish Diaspora in Antiquity +

HINE 170: Special Topics in Jewish History

HISC 109: Invention of Tropical Disease

HITO 104: Jews & Judaism in Ancient and Medieval Worlds +

HIUS 108A: History of Native Americans in the United States I +

HIUS 108B: History of Native Americans in the United States II +

HIUS 124: Asian American History

HIUS 130: Cultural History from 1607- 1865

HIUS 131: Cultural History from 1865- 1917

HIUS 134: Be Bop to Hip Hop: African American Cultural History Since 1945

HIUS 135: The Atlantic World, 1492-1803 +

HIUS 139: African- American History in the Twentieth Century

HIUS 140: Economic History of the United States I

HIUS 141: Economic History of the United States II

HIUS 146: Race, Riots and Violence in the U.S.

HIUS 155: Zoot Suits to Hip Hop: Race & Popular Culture since World War

HIUS 158: Social and Economic History of the Southwest I +

HIUS 159: Social and Economic History of the Southwest II

HIUS 168: Race, Resistance and Cultural Politics

HIUS 176: Race and Sexual Politics

HIUS 180: Immigration and Ethnicity in Modern American Society

HIUS 183: Topics in African American History

Please Note: The Degree Audit will not automatically pick up the courses for a Thematic Emphasis. The Undergraduate Advisor must enter the courses manually. Once you have completed the three courses for this Thematic field, please message the Undergraduate Advisor via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) with: 
1. the Thematic Emphasis you would like listed
2. a list of the three courses you have taken and passed that will fulfill the Thematic Emphasis requirement