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Student Affairs

  • Teresa Chiu

    Teresa Chiu

    Student Affairs Manager
    Phone: (858) 822-1534

    -Student Affairs Policies and Procedures
    -Graduate Student Advising
    -Graduate Student Funding
    -Graduate Student Employment 
    -Graduate Curriculum & Courses
    -Graduate Admissions

  • Jordan Wetherell

    Jordan Wetherell

    Graduate Program Assistant 
    Phone: (858) 822-0664

    -Graduate Student Employment 
    -Graduate Student Payroll & Stipend Payments
    -Summer Session
    -Admit Day and Graduate Orientation

  • Robert Lopez

    Robert Lopez

    Undergraduate Student Affairs Coordinator
    Phone: (858) 534-8940

    -Undergraduate Student Advising
    -Undergraduate Curriculum & Courses
    -Course Scheduling
    -Course Evaluations
    -Degree Checks
    -Faculty Office Hours

Academic Personnel

  • Leah Tamayo-Brion

    Leah Tamayo-Brion

    Academic Personnel/Human Resources Manager
    Phone: (858) 534-1997, Email:
  • Marinés Medina

    Marinés Medina

    Fiscal and AP/HR Coordinator
    Phone: (858) 246-2630, Email:

    -Travel reimbursements
    -Visiting Scholars
    -Visa appointments
    -Temporary academic appointments

Fiscal Affairs

  • Jennifer Hollis

    Jennifer Hollis

    Fiscal Analyst
    Phone: (858) 534-2852, Email:

    -Financial reporting
    -Contracts and grants
    -Independent contractors
    -Foundation accounting

  • Sarab Aziz

    Sarab Aziz

    Department Events Coordinator
    Phone: 858-534-1996, Email:

    -Events Scheduling
    -Event Publicity
    -Office Management
    -HILD Support TA Desk Copies
    -HILD Support TA Class Lists